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37-07 36th Avenue, Long Island City, New York 11101, USA
phone: (718) 361-6552

digital recording, mixing, editing, mastering,
CD duplication
, rehearsal space, musical
equipment and PA rental

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Marino Frost
Stardust studio is an incredible music production facility with digital recording plus digital audio editing, midi, mixing, mastering, CD burning and CD duplication - all under one roof!

We use only top of the line, industry standard-setting equipment for the cleanest and best sound that technology can offer, while we charge the lowest rates you will find for this level of audio quality (DA-88 digital recorders; ProTools; Logic; Cubase, etc…) Tube-tech and Avalon preamps direct to the recorder. 24 bit digital audio editing alongside unlimited midi tracks. Neumann U87 mics in fully sound-insulated live and vocal rooms. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our sonic arsenal, but any professional will tell you that it beats the competition by a long shot.


$50.00 per hour for the studio and an engineer.
Plus cost of tapes. That's it!
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At Stardust we have recorded every kind of music that exists in New York - from rock to gospel, hip hop to punk, folk music, reggae, latin, pop, grunge, R&B . . .  Also, we have worked with ethnic music from all parts of the world; there is not room here to list them all. Everyone is welcome here. Our clients make a diverse range of music, and all of them leave the studio satisfied that they have gotten a great sounding product.  Our main source of business is return clients who come back again and again!
Equipment and PA rental: All instruments for five piece band (drums, guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards . . .) available for rental. We also offer PA systems for up to 1,000 people.

Rehearsal Space: $20 per hour

Our studio has a control room 16' X 10', medium size recording room 16' X 12', vocal booth 9' X 4', storage rooms, kitchen, bathroom with shower . . .

Stardust studio is run by the owner and sound engineer, Marino Frost.

The studio has been working since 1992 at the same location.